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Living our life in the trees

We’re the Salovitch’s and the Lambert’s, Carrie and Amanda are sisters and we are the owners of In The Trees. We are lifelong Mainers and this is truly a family owned and operated small business. When this opportunity was introduced to our family in the summer of 2021 we were intrigued.  As the idea continued to manifest itself and emerge into reality we knew this could be the path to what we were seeking.  Freedom from the 9-5, escaping the corporate rat race.  We are a family of free thinkers.  The four of us were in the dark tugging on different elements of the same idea and when the property was presented to us we collectively knew this was our moment, our chance to live in a more harmonious manner with nature, the light was shining on the trail to living in the trees.  

There are no clocks to punch in the trees, the clock is the sun.  Our communal fire pit is the perfect place to unwind and dive into thought provoking conversations without the distraction of vibrating cell phones. Let our slice of western Maine be your escape. Let our mountain soothe your soul.  

The property features 3 treehouses and 3 A-Frame cabins, each uniquely designed, a 50 ft. mountain top tower for you to ascend, trails to discover, an 18 hole disc golf course truly incomparable to any other course in New England, and a pristine, sandy beach on Virginia Lake less than a mile hike or drive from the property.

We offer a humble experience with wifi shitty enough to make you put your phone down and engage in organic conversation. Truly connect with your family and friends.


There is something magical about this property. We invite you to come experience it for yourself.  The trees are calling you!

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